Frequent Urination Causes You Should Aware Of

Frequent urination means that you are passing out urinary wastes more often than normal. This could be huge source of concern to you especially if this is accompanied with symptoms like increased appetite, increased thirsts, vomiting, pelvic pains, back pains, fever, bloody urine, or discharges from the Vagina or penis.

When you urinate more frequently then you should see a doctor to diagnose the cause. This article highlights some of the common causes of frequent urination you should be aware of.

Urinating more than often that normal could be as a result of the following:

ID-100112440Health problems – Certain health problems can cause the bladder to get inflamed or irritated hence making you going to urinate frequently. These health problems could be accompanied with symptoms that are extremely uncomfortable to you.

The health problems that are often associated with frequent urination include: early symptoms of Diabetes (Type I and II), Prostrate Enlargement, Interstitial Cystitis, Bladder Cancer, Stroke and Urinary Tract Infections. These conditions could be detrimental to the overall health of the individual and only with proper diagnoses and treatments by a doctor would you get absolute relief and cure.

Common causes – Apart from the health issues highlighted above there are other common causes of frequent urination you might not aware of. These causes could be as a result of your present lifestyle. Hence, with lifestyle changes, the incontinence will stop.

Some of these common causes of frequent urination include: pregnancy, the use of diuretic medications prescribed for high blood pressure treatment, Drinking more fluid than the body requires especially before bedtime, the intake of carbonated drinks, caffeine, alcohol and artificial sweeteners.

The above are the likely identifiable causes of frequent urination in men and women. In addition, some treatments or medical procedures are likely to increase your chance of having frequent urine passage. For instance, prostate treatment procedures like radiation therapy or brachytherapy are linked with frequent urination because they could result to urinary incontinence.

Finally, if you are having frequent urination then you need to see a doctor. It is important that you do this so that accurately diagnosing and treatment could be carried out. Always remember that medical pediatrician form for work, so don’t try to hide any symptoms just because you are frightened of knowing that your case might be worse.

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