As a doctor giving patients a medical excuse for work is their right

The science of diagnosing diseases started in Greece with Hippocrates. Interestingly enough, after this time many medical theories were postulated and they are still used for diagnosing people in the 21st century. Since the 19th-century physicians should identify not only the disease but its cause and further treatment and prevention.  As a matter of fact, everyone differs in their genetic predisposition to disease.

Moreover, there are physiology differences from one person to another. In the present day doctors use this model to diagnose patients, a patient present itself to the emergency room for instance with a set of symptoms that sometimes will be so characteristic of a disease that further medical exams seem unnecessary, but in other cases, the mystery could take more than a couple of days to be solved. Get your pediatrician excuse forms here.

Whenever a patient arrives for an appointment claiming that he has been feeling unwell for a couple of days, the doctor not only has the commitment to find out what is wrong with him but in case the person requests a medical excuse to miss work, is usually his right to get one. In the end, people pay to get medical services and the client is always right. There have been cases when doctors have denied a medical excuse and the next thing they know is that they have been sued for violating one of the patient’s rights.

Nevertheless,  there’s always an efficient alternative. If ever your doctor refuses to issue a medical note, why even bother? The internet is filled with sources of printable doctor’s excuses. Web sites that offer fake medical notes are infinite. You’ll have endless choices, with the comfort of staying at home in front of your computer. You don’t have to see your doctor and beg for his signature in a medical note.

As a result, doctors usually don’t have a choice, from my point of view these are no different from fake doctors notes downloaded from the internet, aside from the fact that the signature is from a real doctor, but the patient is faking to be ill to be able to get the medical form lying in a legal way. Get your very  own physicians’ form.

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