Pros and Cons of Coolsculpting Procedure to Freeze Fat

In the quest for fat loss and achieving the desired body image, numerous weight-loss programs and inventions have been put out there. A procedure that has been on the market since 2010 is coolsculpting, a procedure in which fat is frozen.

There are more than 5 million coolsculpting treatments in the world. The procedure can help men and women to get rid of stubborn patches of fat on their body. This freeze fat procedure is great for particular spots on the body where the fat is unwanted, like the double chin or the love handles.

The fat freezing procedure used to be called cryolipolysis and it was discovered, allegedly, by scientists who noticed that children who ate a lot of cold lost the fat on their cheeks. This proved to them just how sensitive fat is to temperature change. In essence, fat cells experience cell death from the cold.

The technology for this non-invasive procedure uses round paddles that suck on the skin like a vacuum to freeze fat. All the patient has to do is sit still for about two hours until the fat cells are frozen. Certainly, that is much easier than sweating at the gym, and a lot of people are going for it. The discomfort is minor and most people prefer to do something to distract themselves, like watching a movie, while the machine works. Learn about at home fat freezing at this site.

The professionals at fat freezing salons usually consult clients prior to taking them for a treatment, considering whether the treatment will give the desired results and how everything will look after the procedure. Skin elasticity is a thing that is considered before removing the fat. The procedure is local, meaning that it does not treat the entire body like liposuction but particular places of fat bulging in the body.

In order to achieve optimal results, a few treatments have to take place. The technology by itself gives permanent results and the dead fat cells do not come back as long as the client is taking steps to control their weight gain in the future. Watch this video here.

If a special event is coming up, it is good to start treatment three months in advance to achieve visible results. Since the procedure is non-invasive, it is safe for the most part. There are cases of numbed nerves from the cold after the procedure and uneven fat removal. That is why more treatments are required in order to even out the amount of fat left.

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