Using a Doctor’s Note

Since about 1999 or so we have seen many advances in human evolution: self-driving cars, the iPhone, drones, and soon commercial space tourism.  Despite all the advances, a new trend has emerged from the age-old trick of playing hooky.

The trend is called fake doctor’s notes.   That’s right. You can now go on the internet and grab a fake doctor’s note to use for work or school.  You just download them, edit and print.

The main problem is the internet is now littered with tons of fake doctor’s notes, many of which were created for websites purely for the goal of generating ad revenue (clicks).  These can be very dangerous.

Let’s face it — we all need a break from the things we hate most in life, but we must do it wisely.  So, for a little experiment, I tested some of these sites out and I found one site to be (by far) the best option:

The site has an online editor that allows you to totally customize the note before printing.  You can add things like a new logo, watermark, etc.  You can also customize the patient and doctor’s name.  To learn more, I recommend checking out this site.

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